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Project Updates

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

USPL recently finished several projects in the northeastern United States; including the 2016 portion of the Salem Lateral Project for Spectra Energy in Massachusetts and Connecticut, the second year of the project included meter station work and multiple tie-ins. Also recently completed were two (2) projects for Dominion Transmission; (1) acttually a group of projects (TL-465, TL-522 and PI-1) which totaled 1.5 miles of replacement on 24-inch and 36-inch pipelines and hydrostatic testing another section of pipeline in Virginia and (2) several right-of-way slip repairs in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Lastly in the recently completed work were several anomaly digs for Spectra Energy in Pennsylvania and New Jersey as part of their ongoing pipeline integrity program.

Currently USPL is in the middle of executing two (2) projects for Williams-Transco; (1) a spread of work on the Dalton Expansion in Georgia encompassing 57 miles of mainly 24-inch and 30-inch pipeline and a meter station and (2) the Skillman Loop Project in New Jersey, installing 2,500 feet of 42-inch pipeline.

As part of a consortium, Spring Ridge Constructors (SRC), USPL has recently executed a contract for the pipeline construction on Dominion Transmission’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP); USPL will complete two (2) spreads of large diameter work in each year in 2018 and 2019.

US Pipeline Project Updates

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

US Pipeline Project Update – September 24, 2015

USPL continues work in a busy 2015; after a very wet weather start of construction USPL is progressing very well toward an on time completion of the Enbridge Southern Access Extension (SAX) consisting of 167 miles of 24-inch pipeline in Illinois.  USPL’s Station/Facility group recently completed major modifications to the Kinder Morgan-Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP) Cobb Meter Station in West Virginia and is currently completing site/civil work for a ONEOK Compressor Station in Illinois.  Additional pipeline construction projects just getting underway include the Williams Rock Springs Lateral which is approximately 12 miles of 20-inch pipeline in Pennsylvania and the Kinder Morgan North Mains Relocation that involves three (3) 24-inch pipelines that each require a 3.5 mile relocation; 10.5 miles of 24-inch total.

USPL is currently working on several projects across the country; including the Rocky Mountain Crude System Expansion, Phase II for Suncor which includes 9.6 miles of 16-inch and 1.5 miles of 10-inch pipeline in the metropolitan Denver area.  This complicated project is mostly within an existing railroad right-of-way, has nearly 30 horizontal directional drills (HDDs) and seven (7) traditional bores; completion is expected in January of 2015.  In Middlesex County, New Jersey USPL is in construction on the Williams Woodbridge Lateral project installing 2.34 miles of 20-inch pipeline including three (3) each HDDs and bores; this project completion is anticipated at the end of January 2015.  In Iowa and Michigan, USPL is completing some work for MidAmerica/Northern Natural Gas; these projects are the Paullina-Aberdeen Mainline Pigging Modifications and the 12-inch Marquette Branch (5.5 miles)/6-inch Ishpeming Replacement (1.5 miles).

 USPL is in the final punch-list and completion phase on two (2) projects for  Enbridge, both related to the Flanagan South Project.  These projects included spreads 3 and 4 of the pipeline, including 301 miles of 36-inch in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma terminating at Cushing, OK and the terminal modifications at the Enbridge Cushing Terminal.

 For 2015, USPL will be completing the Enbridge Southern Access Extension (SAX) project totaling 167 miles of 24-inch.  Currently, some preliminary work to clean the existing Luxor pipeline and pre-clearing of trees, necessary due to some habitat restrictions, is underway.

US Pipeline Project Updates

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

USPL was awarded a project in October 2013 by DOC for Summit Natural Gas near Augusta, ME for the installation of 8 miles of 8-inch pipe and 2,500’ of 10-inch pipe.  In addition to this scope of work, USPL will also be supporting several directional drills, main line valve installations, fitting installations and hydrostatic testing of much of the new pipeline system in order to begin supplying gas to the many townships in the south central portion of the state.

USPL was awarded a project in November 2013 by Enterprise Products near Denver, CO for the installation of 28.5 miles of 16-inch pipe and 5 miles of 8-inch pipe.  The project was fast tracked through the mid of winter with a mechanical completion of date of January 20, 2014.  The project has now been completed and only minor restoration remains.  

USPL has been awarded the contract to construct mainline pipeline spreads 3 and 4 of Enbridge Pipeline’s Flanagan South Pipeline Project (Flanagan South).  Flanagan South is a nearly 600-mile long, 36-inch diameter interstate crude oil pipeline that will originate in Flanagan, Illinois and terminate in Cushing, Oklahoma.  USPL’s portion of the work consists of approximately 300-miles of 36-inch diameter pipeline in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma; construction work will begin in August 2013 and will be complete in early summer 2014.  Jim Jennings and Thad Hutchens will be USPL’s Superintendents on the project.   USPL appreciates the opportunity to work on this important project and we look forward to making this a safe, quality and successful project for Enbridge Pipeline.



U.S. Pipeline Completes Critical Project On Schedule for PG&E

Friday, December 14th, 2012

U.S. Pipeline, Inc. (USPL) recently completed outages and tie-ins critical to Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E’s) Pipeline Safety Enhancement Program (PSEP) in order for PG&E to meet commitments to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) related to certain pipeline replacement, hydrostatic testing and valve automation work.

USPL has been working in California since mid-2012 for PG&E and despite several technical challenges, changing work plans, some unexpected wet weather and having to wait for the completion of other contractor’s work, USPL was able to, with the help and support of PG&E, complete this critical work on schedule.

USPL’s commitment to safety, quality, the environment and PG&E’s supplier diversity program made this work successful for us and our client on more than just schedule.  USPL understands our clients’ needs and is able to deliver success on challenging projects, including integrity management, new pipeline construction and facilities of all sizes.