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Project Updates

November 15th, 2016

USPL recently finished several projects in the northeastern United States; including the 2016 portion of the Salem Lateral Project for Spectra Energy in Massachusetts and Connecticut, the second year of the project included meter station work and multiple tie-ins. Also recently completed were two (2) projects for Dominion Transmission; (1) acttually a group of projects (TL-465, TL-522 and PI-1) which totaled 1.5 miles of replacement on 24-inch and 36-inch pipelines and hydrostatic testing another section of pipeline in Virginia and (2) several right-of-way slip repairs in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Lastly in the recently completed work were several anomaly digs for Spectra Energy in Pennsylvania and New Jersey as part of their ongoing pipeline integrity program.

Currently USPL is in the middle of executing two (2) projects for Williams-Transco; (1) a spread of work on the Dalton Expansion in Georgia encompassing 57 miles of mainly 24-inch and 30-inch pipeline and a meter station and (2) the Skillman Loop Project in New Jersey, installing 2,500 feet of 42-inch pipeline.

As part of a consortium, Spring Ridge Constructors (SRC), USPL has recently executed a contract for the pipeline construction on Dominion Transmission’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP); USPL will complete two (2) spreads of large diameter work in each year in 2018 and 2019.


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