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USPL is more than a mainline contractor. We have the people, knowledge and resources needed to complete nearly every aspect of pipeline-related construction. Whether it’s an addition, modification, replacement project, or related to maintenance and integrity, we can handle it. We work on pipelines, rights-of-way and appurtenances, such as mainline valves and launchers/receivers. It is all part of what we do at USPL.

We excel at tackling today’s most challenging installation hurdles, including:

Relocations and DOT Class Location Projects
Anomaly digs and investigations
Pipeline repairs and replacements
Right-of-way repairs, slip repairs, and restoration
Emergency repairs and call-outs
Urban and in-street construction
Long Wall Mining Projects
In-plant and facility upgrade work
Conventional boring
Horizontal directional drilling
Direct pipe (stand-alone and part of other projects)
Hydrostatic testing
Fabricating mainline valves, launchers, receivers, taps, hot-taps, and other appurtenances
ROW Maintenance

Northeast Maintenance, Integrity and Modernization (MIMs)

USPL recognized that customers in the northeastern United States needed additional support. Customers wanted a premier pipeline construction contractor to be strategically located to respond to ongoing operational projects, while also being able to efficiently execute smaller strategic/expansion projects. To address this need, USPL formed the northeastern Maintenance, Integrity and Modernization (MIMs) division in 2019. Our MIMs division is located in Chester Springs, PA and headed by Richard Hill, an industry veteran with decades of experience. MIMs is fully staffed and equipped to successfully complete multiple projects simultaneously in the northeastern U.S.

How Can We Help?

8100 Washington Ave #200, Houston, TX 77007